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We just love our Zamar Guitar customers!

We have a wonderful variety of customers who make our lives fun and interesting:

  • The fabulous pro musicians from the creative community of Traverse City and surrounding area, some of whom we're delighted and proud to say teach here at Zamar Guitar.
  • The "weekend warriors" - doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals - who relax from a stressful week by jamming with friends on the weekends;
  • The collectors - lovers of all things guitar, always looking for the next latest-greatest; 
  • The adult students who have always wanted to learn to play an instrument and find a safe, supportive, exciting environment here at Zamar to pursue mastering their chosen instrument;
  • The young people and children who are starting out early learning to love and play music. We really love seeing all the families coming into Zamar Guitar each week. We love to see the mix of the generations - young people learning from the pros who have mastered their craft, and seasoned musicians grooving on the energy and excitement of the up-and-coming musicians of our community.
  • Speaking of community, did we mention we're passionate about it? Community is what it's all about, baby!
This page is dedicated to all who love playing music, and who bless our store by coming in to buy, sell, or just hang out with us. Check out this page often -- you may see a friend here .... OR, you just may see YOURSELF!


Chuck Jacobs, bass player for Kenny Rogers, and former member of Dave's 60's band, The Rainmakers.

Chuck Jacobs
Chuck Jacobs, bass player for Kenny Rogers, checks out the Traverse City-made Opatik bass.

Don Williams Plays Franklins Tower
Finding his muse.

Randy Dillingham Loves His Christmas Present
It's always a great Christmas when you get a guitar from Zamar! (Zamar customer Randy Dillingham)


We Welcome Playing The Merchandise
At Zamar, players are always welcome to grab a guitar and sit down and jam.

Joe Fordon and his hand-decorated acoustic - WILD!
Zamar customer Joe Forton proudly displays his fabulous hand-decorated guitar.

You Will Always Catch Russ Jamming The New Guits
Friend and Zamar customer, Russ Kinney, plays a tune.

A Happy Student
Zamar customer and student Gilbert Francisco with his beautiful new Michael Kelly acoustic.

Lot's Of Friends Crowd The Floor
The floor is jammed with future rockers.

Dave E  And Dave G Not To Be Confused With Dave K

Leo Is A Long Time Student Of Greg's
Always something new to check out at Zamar Guitar!

Officer Ryan Will Rock You Up Then Lock You Up
Kid in a candy store!